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Our goal is to help you promote your property, whether it is a home, vacation rental, a hotel or a resort. In addition to regular state of the art cameras for video and photographs, we use a drone to get good aerial views of the property and its location. A handheld video device with a gimbal lets us make walkthroughs of your grounds. By combining regular video, drone video and High Dynamic Range photos, your property presentation will look awesome.

Your guests decide where to go based on emotion. Let us help you attract visitors to your property, whether the customer is in the market to invest in a new home, vacant land, or just want a nice vacation for the family's next getaway.

We also create websites.

How about having fun while we take beautiful vacation photos of you and your family/group? These will help you never forget.

Our latest offer: If you have a dream or a plan for a home, we can make it "come alive" with 3D renderings and 3D walkthroughs. If you want to sell vacant land, we can design a home on it and show it with 3D renderings.

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Our Services

We make videos: Aerial, under water, real estate, travel, adventure and promotional videos.


Whether your home is a Luxury Estate on Paradise Island or a small Cottage in Abaco, we will make it look its best and most appealing, using staging, lighting, advanced photography, and the best editing software on the market. We also use a drone to show the property in relation to its surroundings. You can then give these photos to the realtor selling your property, or post them on VRBO and AirB&B if you are renting your property to vacationers.


Our videos have one purpose: To amaze and attract visitors. After filming, we spend time editing and enhancing the videos. We attempt to cover all features of your property, while making an effort to show its location in relation to water, views, etc. All our videos are posted to YouTube, so people seaching for what you offer can find them there. We also format a version of the video for the MLS if you are providing it to your realtor as a selling tool. Many realtors don't want to pay for a property video if your home isn't expensive enough, but why let that stop you? Let us make you a video!

aerial drone photos & videos for movie production

We have been hired to do droning for foreign companies making both documentaries and commercial productions. Nothing shows a location better than an aerial video from a drone. We are flexible and mobile, and can provide both droning and under water footage (shallow water) all over the Bahamas.

Family or Group Photography or Video

Why not preserve those happy vacation memories for the future? Whether you are a couple, a family or a group of friends, we can make portraits and/or videos that will refresh your memories for years to come. We can also use the drone for this. With professional photographs and/or videos you can share your happy moments with everyone who couldn't come along. You just choose your favorite spot.


A webside can really showcase your property or business and inform online visitors. It will not only give the visitor an in-debt look at what you offer, but also give the information a visitor will need to take action. A vacation rental website will give information about activities and the neighbourhood, your recommendations for rental cars, golf carts or boats.   A business website will let the customer get to know you and your company before they order, book or visit you.

3D Renderings

Whether you are an architect, a builder or just have your own idea for a home, we can make it "come alive" with 3D Renderings and 3D walkthrough tours. Jump over to our 3D Rendering website...

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Our Process

This is How We Do It

1. Planning

2. Setting up

3. Photography and Video

4. Editing & Processing

5. Finished Presentation

About Us

Unni Marie Berg
Unni Marie Berg

Photographer, Videographer & Webdesigner

We have been offering photography and video production for Real Estate in Abaco and on Paradise Island for the past 4 years. Our goal is to help you promote your property the best possible way, through photographs, videos and websites. We also create promotional material for hotels and resorts.

Where most companies solely do either photography, video, drone video or websites, we offer all. We strive to give our clients the best presentations possible, through the use of state of the art equipment and cameras, home staging, the latest tecniques in photo & video production and the use of the most advanced editing software available.

Due to the strong competition in the Real Estate and vacation market, investing in superior Photography & Video is the best decision you can make as a home seller, vacation home owner or a hotel/resort manager.

Potential buyers and renters from all over the world are going online to find what they're looking for. By offering amazing online presence, you'll be way ahead of your competition.

We pay attention to detail. Our goal is to have potential buyers and visitors easily seeing themselves in your home, resort or hotel.


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